# 7163XL Combination Filter for Aerosolv 7000XL


7163XL Combination Filter

Combination Filter for Aerosolv 7000XLC with replaceable Colormetric Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge to keep your operating at maximum safety.

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7163XL Combination Filter

The Aerosolv #7163XL Combination Coalescing Filter with replaceable Colormetric Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge (1 set) to keep your Model 7000XL operating at maximum safety.

The lower section is the Coalescing Filter removes liquified droplets released while the can is depressurized.

The upper section Aerosolv Activated Carbon Colormetric Cartridge adsorbs hydrocarbons and removes odor from the “dry” gas which has passed through the initial Coalescing Stage. But as you puncture your cans the Carbon will become saturated and ineffective. For added California CAL-EPA SB128 compliance – this Cartridge includes an automatic check valve to prevent continual off-gassing.


#7363XL Activated Colormetric Carbon Filter – to replace just the upper section.

Replacement Gaskets

Aerosolv Recycling System Model 7000XLC

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Weight 3 lbs