Aerosolv 7000 Recycling System


Aerosolv 7000 Recycling System

Justrite Part No. 28230

The Aerosolv 7000 punctures a small hole into the top of an aerosol can, collects the fluid residue and safely vents the vapors through a two-stage filter.

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Aerosolv 7000 Recycling System
(enhanced version)

For State of California Users: Purchase the Aerosolv 7000XL.

Eliminate and reduce your hazardous waste by safely depressurizing your aerosol cans.

The Aerosolv 7000 punctures a small hole into the top of an aerosol can, collects the fluid residue and safely vents the vapors through a two-stage filter.

Unique to the 7000:

  • Sealing disk on compression spring — valve opens when can is inserted, closes when can is removed; minimizes vapors escaping through bung
  • Compressed seal knob on top plate — minimizes back pressure and fumes toward operator
  • Slide bar on can chamber includes lock — makes unit tamper-resistant
  • Entire unit is protection coated for easy cleaning
  • Verified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency

Same as Justrite Part No. 28230

Includes: Extended Length Carbide-Tipped Puncture Pin, Teflon-Coated Puncturing Device w/Automatic Shut-Off Valve, #7163 Combination Colormetric Carbon Filter w/Indicator, #5129 Aeroprene Gasket (installed on unit), #5132 Aeroprene Gasket (smaller ID for Rustoleum & Krylon cans), Anti-Static Wire, Safety Goggles and Aerosolv Automatic Can Counter to keep track of the number of cans depressurized.

Extra Model 7000 Supplies:

#7163 Combination Coalescing Activated Carbon Colormetric Filter
#7363 Activated Colormetric Carbon Filter only (pkg of 2 filters)

#5129 Aeroprene Gasket
#5132 Aeroprene Gasket for Rustoleum & Krylon cans

#5165EX Maintenance Kit includes: (1) Carbide-tipped puncture pin with o-rings, (1) #5129 Aeroprene Gasket, (1) Spring, (3) Bridge Pins, (1) Tube of Grease

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 7 in
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