Enhanced Vyleater

The Enhanced Vyleater is made for operations with broad destruction and separation requirements.   From the outside, it looks just like the Standard Vyleater but it’s much different inside.   That’s because the Enhanced machine uses an almost silent, powerful, high-torque, low-speed shredder to do the work.

A great variety of vials from one quarter to two inches in diameter with metal tops or ornamental closures can be destroyed with ease.   The vials may be plastic or in some cases, glass with a plastic coating.

Volume reduction is achieved by not only removing the liquid contents but in some cases allowing the remaining plastic to be disposed of as solid waste.

Complete destruction is possible with the Enhanced Vyleater as it destroys any identification labels that may contain sensitive product or patient information.

Like the Standard Vyleater, the Enhanced machine can be built in almost any configuration required.


Industrial Shredder destroys plastic vials

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