AeroVent Standard- Economical Aerosol Can Disposal

Newstripe’s AeroVent® STANDARD Aerosol Can Disposal System allows you to quickly puncture and drain aerosol cans to reduce the cost of hazardous waste. The AeroVent Standard aerosol can puncture device shares many of the safe operating features of the AeroVent 1X but in a more economical version. Plus, it is an AeroVent so it is 50 state compliant and the safest, most efficient product available.

AeroVent 1X Aerosol Can Disposal System

Newstripe’s AeroVent® 1X Aerosol Can Disposal System is upgraded with additional features including a built-in cycle counter and the all-new, patented, Safe2Vent™ filter with Viz-a-Ball™ check indicator that complies with EPA, OSHA, and California regulations. The new improvements along with its sealed chamber design make it the fastest, easiest, single can system available.

AeroVent 3X Aerosol Can Disposal System

Newstripe’s AeroVent® 3X Aerosol Can Disposal System is the big brother to the Newstripe’s AeroVent® 1X Aerosol Can Disposal System and can process up to three cans at a time making it the fastest manual can recycling machine available. It is ideal for those needed to depose of large quantities of aerosol cans.

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