Vial Disposal – Vyleater Solutions

There are many vial disposal applications the Vyleater has been used for, by a wide variety of companies and organizations.

Customize Vial Disposal Solutions using Vyleater with…

  • Internal wash system for rinsing, sanitizing or neutralizing
  • Explosion proof electrical fittings for work in hazardous environments
  • Liquid discharge directly into a sewer or pipeline
  • Automatic loading conveyor
  • Platform with casters to make the unit portable
  • HEPA/charcoal filtration
Picture of Vial Disposal System
Vial Disposal System – Vyleater Solutions

Please follow the links below to learn how we have provided real-life Vyleater vial disposal solutions to our customers waste disposal problems.

Industry: All
Problem: Eliminate Manual Loading of vials
Solution: Automatic Feeder Conveyor
Industry: Diagnostic Laboratories
Problem: Reduce disposal cost related to ThinPrep© disposal
Solution: Enhanced Vyleater with Explosion-proof motors & controls

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