55SC Drum Compactor


55SC Drum Compactor

Priced for the small volume generator using 55-gallon drums.

55SC Drum CompactorWhether compacting paint booth filters or low-level radioactive waste, the Model 55SC is an economical choice that still packs a huge punch.

The Model 55SC is available in a “standard” electrical version as well as two explosion-proof configurations.   Both the Model 55SC and the 55SC-EX use 3-phase electrical power to drive the hydraulic cylinder and controls.

The Model 55SC-P unit uses no electrical power at all, but rather uses standard compressed air to drive a pneumatic air motor.  This air motor in turn drives the same hydraulic circuitry that is used on the 55SC-EX.   With the exception of the power source, all three versions are identical in operation and specification.

The 55SC has a hold-down control feature built into the hydraulic system. When the compaction head lowers and reaches maximum pressure, the hydraulic system locks. Maintaining this compaction head position tends to break down the memory of the material. This prevents material springback which significantly improves volume reduction.

This control is extremely helpful when compacting lightweight waste like paper, cloth or plastic. The compaction head will stay in this position almost indefinitely – even with the motor turned off.

  • 40,000 lbs. hydraulic force for inside drum compaction/drum crushing
  • 55SC features clearance above drum for drum overfill
  • Single Hydraulic Control Lever, semi automatic cycle
  • 4″ NFPA cylinder with 2.5″ chrome rod
  • Reinforced steel Crushing Chamber with 1″ thick base plate
  • 1″ Steel Compaction Head with drum crushing plate included
  • Two stage gear pump

Models Available

Model 55SC
3-HP TEFC motor
Motor Starter housed in a NEMA 1 UL Listed enclosure
Electric door interlock
Hydraulic directional cylinder control

Model 55SC-EX
3-HP Class 1, Division 1, Group D explosion-proof pump motor
Non-sparking hydraulic door interlock
Hydraulic directional cylinder control

Model 55SC-P
3-HP Air driven pump motor
Non-sparking hydraulic door interlock
Hydraulic directional cylinder control

Available Accessories

  • Drum Handling : Move drums to and from the compactor
  • Alternate Compaction Head – (CH) : Crush empty drums with the same machine
  • NEMA 4 Water Tight Enclosures : A must for outside installations
  • PAK-MORE Hold-down Disk : Improve volume reduction
  • Air Filtration and Ventilation : Control dust & vapors
  • Liquid Containment : Control spills or leftover residue
  • Special Custom Options
Drum/Container Crushing*
Inside Drum Compaction*
Compaction Chamber Height43.0" / 109.0 cm
Compaction Chamber Width27.0" / 69.0 cm
Door Opening Width26" / 66.0 cm
Full Cycle Time115 sec.
Machine Depth31.25" / 79.0 cm
Machine Width30.25" / 77.0 cm
Overall Machine Height107.0" / 272.0 cm
Electric Motor3 HP / 2.2 kW
Ship Weight Including Oil1800 Lb. / 817 kg
Air Motor for 55SC-P130 SCFM @ 90 PSI