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Drum Handling

The RAM FLAT Compactor makes it easy to reduce your overall volume of waste.   However, drums can become very heavy which makes it difficult for the operators to move drums around.   Fortunately, we have a couple Drum Handling Solutions that will make this an easy task.

Explosion-Proof Controls

Today, many hazardous wastestreams contain volatile chemicals with low flashpoints.   All of the RAM FLAT Compactors are available with explosion-proof motors and controls.   This type of atmosphere requires bulky and expensive fittings and enclosures.   However, we eliminate the need for these parts by using hydraulic or pneumatic control logic.

Hydraulic Controls: electric controls and interlocks are replaced with non-sparking hydraulic control logic.
Pneumatic Controls: electric controls and interlocks are replaced with non-sparking pneumatic control logic.

Standard explosion-proof designs feature a Class 1, Div. 1, Group D electrical motor.

Both of these systems include an electric explosion-proof motor to power the high-pressure hydraulics.

The 55SC comes in two explosion-proof styles.

The 55SC-EX is a traditional electric over hydraulic design that includes a NEMA 7/9 explosion-proof motor starter and a Class 1, Div. 1, Group D explosion-proof pump motor.

The 55SC-P is air over hydraulic eliminating the need for an electrical power source.   The 1800-RPM air motor requires 90-PSI at 130 SCFM to power the hydraulic pump.

Alternate Compaction Head - (CH)

Applications can change all of the time.   If the customer changes the style or size of the drum they are using, interchangeable Compaction Heads (CH) of any diameter can be supplied.

Bolt-On Crushing Plate - (CP)

Almost all of the RAM FLAT Compactor models allow the operator to both compact material into drums and crush empty drums.   An easy way to accomplish this is by the use of a Bolt-On Crushing Plate.   To crush drums, a heavy, oversized diameter platen quickly bolts directly to the smaller piston-mounted, inside-the-drum compaction head.   The Bolt-On Crushing Plate is included with the Model 55SC and is an option on all others.

NEMA 4 Water Tight Enclosures

All RAM FLAT Compactors are supplied with a NEMA 1 electrical enclosure as a standard.   This is adequate for most indoor applications.

A variety of alternative box styles is available to meet your requirements:

NEMA 4 or 4X: To protect the electrical controls when the RAM FLAT Compactor is to be installed outside, a water tight NEMA 4 rated enclosure is available.   NEMA 4X boxes are stainless steel for added corrosion-resistance.

NEMA 7/9: This option is available as a combination disconnect/motor starter style for explosion-proof installations.

NEMA 12: For indoor use with added dust protection.


Certain materials like plastic or paper have an inherent “memory” that can significantly decrease compaction efficiency.   One solution to this problem is to compact and maintain the full compaction force on the waste for an extended period of time to defeat this springback.   The optional RAM BOTTOM LOCK control automatically stops and holds the compactor head indefinitely, once it reaches the highest hydraulic pressure.

PAK-MORE Hold-down Disk

Another solution to overcoming material springback is the Pak-More Hold-Down Disk. A disposable device, the Pak-more is pushed into the drum by the compaction head and “locks” into place anywhere along the length of the drum.   More material can be loaded right on top of the disk permitting the operator to quickly continue the compacting operation.

For applications where waste material like adsorbent pads or socks may make the drum walls slippery, the PAK-MORE Hold-down Disk is available in a “NO-SLIP” version.   The 5 locking tabs have a rough surface applied to them that effectively cuts through the slippery film and holds the PAK-MORE in place.

While designed with the RAM FLAT Compactor in mind, it can be used with most other brands of drum compactors.

More About the PAK-MORE Hold-down Disks.

Air Filtration and Ventilation

An exhaust collar can be installed into the compaction chamber wall to efficiently ventilate the interior of the machine of dust particulates or vapors.

We also offer a full line of Air Filtration Systems that can interlock with the control system of the RAM FLAT Compactor.   Our CRN series offer high-efficiency, safe removal of dangerous airborne materials.

More About the Air Filtration Systems.

Liquid Containment

Collecting residual sludge or liquids during drum crushing is easily accomplished with one of several patterns of Drain Chamber Floors.

For an occasional spillage or washdown of the machine, a Drain Tube is installed into the rear of the compaction chamber.   The tube permits a hose to be attached for collection or drainage.

With either of these options, a Spill Containment Pan can be supplied under the RAM FLAT Compactor to collect the runoff.

Drum Piercing

Welded Steel Pierce Point

To pierce the top of the drum only: Available for all RAM FLAT Models
To pierce through the top & bottom: Available on 55ER, 55AR & 85AR only.

Four steel plates are welded together and ground to a taper to form an aggressive cutting point. The 6-inch tall Point is then welded to a removable expansion plate that is bolted to the piston-mounted compaction head. After approximately 200-300 drums, the edge can be reground to extend the useful life of the Point.


Case Hardened Pierce Point
To pierce through the top & bottom: Available on 55ER, 55AR & 85AR only.

For high-performance durability, a machined Pierce Point body with a case-hardened center is bolted to the underside of the compaction head. This design has several advantages over the welded design described above:

  • The Pierce Point screws directly onto a modified bolt arrangement that fastens the compaction head to the piston rod. It does not require an expansion plate or removal of the compaction head to remove or repair.
  • The tapered, machined conical shape helps prevent punctured drums from hanging up on the Point after crushing.
  • The high quality machined Point is very durable and is better able to handle an annual crushing volume of 2500 drums per year then the simple welded plate design. The case-hardened point is removable from the conical-shaped body for repair or replacement.

Can be used in conjunction with the Liquid Containment option.

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