55SC Drum Crusher


 55SC Drum Crusher

For low-volume drum crushing.

 55SC Drum CrusherWhen you are looking to crush a few dozen drums a month, look no further than the Model 55SC.

At 40,000 pounds, this powerful machine will crush a drum flat to 6.5 inches tall.   Yet, it is still economically priced.

The Model 55SC is available in a “standard” electrical version as well as two explosion-proof configurations.   Both the Model 55SC and the 55SC-EX use 3-phase electrical power to drive the hydraulic cylinder and controls.

The Model 55SC-P unit uses no electrical power at all, but rather uses standard compressed air to drive a pneumatic air motor.  This air motor in turn drives the same hydraulic circuitry that is used on the 55SC-EX.   With the exception of the power source, all three versions are identical in operation and specification.

  • 40,000 lbs. hydraulic force for inside drum compaction/drum crushing
  • 55SC features clearance above drum for drum overfill
  • Single Hydraulic Control Lever, semi automatic cycle
  • 4″ NFPA cylinder with 2.5″ chrome rod
  • Reinforced steel Crushing Chamber with 1″ thick base plate
  • 1″ Steel Compaction Head with drum crushing plate included
  • Two stage gear pump

Models Available

Model 55SC
3-HP TEFC motor
Motor Starter housed in a NEMA 1 UL Listed enclosure
Electric door interlock
Hydraulic directional cylinder control

Model 55SC-EX
3-HP Class 1, Division 1, Group D explosion-proof pump motor
Non-sparking hydraulic door interlock
Hydraulic directional cylinder control

Model 55SC-P
3-HP Air driven pump motor
Non-sparking hydraulic door interlock
Hydraulic directional cylinder control

Available Drum Crusher Accessories

  • Drum Handling : Move drums to and from the compactor
  • Alternate Compaction Head – (CH) : Crush empty drums with the same machine
  • NEMA 4 Water Tight Enclosures : A must for outside installations
  • PAK-MORE Hold-down Disk : Improve volume reduction
  • Air Filtration and Ventilation : Control dust & vapors
  • Liquid Containment : Control spills or leftover residue
  • Special Custom Options

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