5P RAM FLAT Can Crusher

Model 5P
The small crusher that does a big job with 5 gallon cans.

 5P RAM FLAT Can CrusherThe RAM FLAT® Compactor family has a little crusher that packs a punch just like its big brothers…   the Model 5P, an all air-powered pail crusher that makes short work of a big problem.

Pail & Can Crusher
Model 5P RAM FLAT Compactor can reduce the volume of most containers by up to 90%!   At 120 psi, a 17-inch tall 5-gallon pail becomes a 2.5 inch pancake while a 12-inch 1-gallon can is reduced to only 1 inch.

Air Powered 
The pneumatic Model 5P RAM FLAT Compactor only needs clean, dry compressed air. And because there is no electrical power needed, the Model 5P is already explosion proof.

Simple Operation 
The container is placed inside the chamber and the safety interlock door is closed.   The Model 5P operates only when the door is closed and the Palm Button is depressed.   When the Palm Button is released, the crushing head automatically returns to its start position.

Available Accessories:

  • Air Regulator: with an air line Lubricator and Filter.   Also includes OSHA standard Safety Valve with a lock out/tag out valve (LOTO) to relieve air from the lines and cylinder.
  • Floor Stand: Forty-inch high structural steel floor stand permits the operator to work at bench height.   The stand also permits a 55-gallon drum to be placed under the Model 5P for easy disposal of the pails.
Model 5PU.S. StandardInt'l Standard
Crushing Force:120 psi = 6,000 lbs. 100 psi = 5,000 lbs. 90 psi = 4,500 lbs.8.4 kg/cm² = 2,722 kg 7.0 kg/cm² = 2,268 kg 6.3 kg/cm² = 2,041 kg
Cycle Times:15 sec. at 120 psi 39 sec. at 90 psi15 sec. at 8.4 kg/cm² 39 sec at 6.3 kg/cm²
Chamber Dim:14" door width 17" height356 mm door width 432 mm height
Outer Dim:16.125" wide 17.187" deep 44.125" high410 mm wide 437 mm deep 1,121 mm high
Shipping Weight:275 lbs.125 kg