S & G ENTERPRISES, INC. offers unique solutions to special environmental waste disposal issues. We manufacture inside the drum waste compaction equipment and specialty machines for labs to destroy specimen vials and microscope slides.

We also offer aerosol can recycling systems and high quality drum handling equipment.

Since 1971, the RAM FLAT Compactor has been used to either crush empty drums or to reduce the volume of hazardous or radioactive wastestreams directly into the drum.

RAM FLAT Compactors are offered to customers looking for quality, low maintenance equipment. With our flexible design – we can build from our base models a customized solution using standard and specialty accessories to meet the requirements.

The lightweight Pack-Master Compactors offer an inexpensive entry into waste volume reduction with both Manual and Air powered inside-the-drum waste compactors.

And to make it easy to move drums, the Morse Manufacturing line of drum handling equipment offers a full solution for users who have to lift, move and pour their contents from drums.

The Aerosolv Recycling System makes it easy and inexpensive to safely depressurize aerosol cans and allow the can to be recycled as regular steel.

The Vyleater Vial Disposal System is used by laboratories, testing labs of all types and manufacturers to destroy and drain small research, specimen or product vial type containers.

Typical Vyleater applications include drug screening laboratories to drain urinalysis specimens, cytology & histology specimens, environmental groundwater samples, and pharmaceutical product destruction. Glass crushing and plastic shredding designs are available.

Medical laboratories use the SlydEater Slide Destruction to destroy microscope slides – removing the “sharps” hazard and permitting the glass to go to landfill and not into bio-hazardous tubs. In the process all identification information about the lab, the patient and the doctor are removed.

For over 50 years, S & G ENTERPRISES, INC. has developed ideas into marketable products.   We sell solutions – not just equipment.   Our strength is listening to the customer’s needs and mating the equipment to meet those requirements.

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