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The Pack-Master® is ideal for the low volume user who is looking to reduce their volume on a few drums a month.   While not as heavy duty as the RAM FLAT COMPACTORS, the Pack-Master drum compactors are well suited for easy to compact applications like paper waste.

Available in three versions, all models are void of any electrical power requirements and are appropriate for use in an explosion-proof environment.   For extra protection, one unit is available with non-sparking contact surfaces to eliminate any possibility of spark.

Model 1258: This unit features a manually operated, ratchet-type compaction ram.   Capable of creating about 2,500 to 3,000 pounds of compaction pressure, the #1258 has a full stroke length of 39-inches allowing a 4-inch clearance above the drum.

Pack-Master 1258 Manual Drum Compactor
Pack-Master 1258 Manual Drum Compactor

PACK-MASTER® Drum CompactorsModel 1259: This unit utilizes a compressed air source to create a semi automatic compaction cycle.   At an incoming line pressure of 100-PSI, the compaction pressure is 2,600 pounds and can go as high as 3,900 pounds at 150-PSI.   With a stroke reach of 24-inches into the drum (plus a 4-inch above-the-drum clearance), the typical cycle time is about 1-minute regardless of the input air pressure.   A 1/4 quick disconnect fitting is provided to make installation easy.

Model 1453: This unit is a spark-resistant version of the Model 1259 described above.   Key contact surfaces on the compaction platen and the compactor frame and baseplate are covered with a spark resistant, aluminum plate.

Pack-Master is a trademark of Newstripe, Inc.
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