RAM FLAT Drum Compactors

“How can I save money when disposing of my hazardous waste?”

That is the question RAM FLAT customers have asked for over 50 years.

The answer is simple – RAM FLAT Drum Compactors reduce the volume of waste material and therefore reduce disposal costs.

We have several machines of varying compaction forces that can be used for the job.

How do you decide which machine will work best? We suggest you call and discuss your application with us.

Here are some questions to help you think about your application:

What is the waste to be compacted?
Is it lightweight like paper or plastic?
Is it dense like cloth rags or filters?
Is it tougher material such as pliable plastic or metal?

How much waste is generated?
A few drums a week or several a day?

Where will the machine be installed?
Will it be inside or outside?
Will it be used in an unheated area?

Are there any special needs?
Dust or vapor control?
Explosion-proof installation?
Automated drum handling?
Remote control access?

Pack-Master® Waste Compactor

The Pack-Master is well suited for easy to compact applications like paper waste. The Pack-Master is ideal for the low volume user who is looking to reduce their volume on a few drums a month.

Model 55SC

Priced for the small volume generator (200 – 300 drums per year) using 55-gallon drums, the Model 55SC features 40,000 pounds of compaction force for things like rags or lightweight filters.

Model 55LR

Built for lightweight materials but with a medium duty cycle, the 55LR is designed to compact 1500 drums per year. Originally designed for the low-level radioactive waste generators, this machine is perfect for paper and plastic wastestreams.

Model 55ER

At a powerful 60,000 pounds of compaction force, the 55ER is designed to handle demanding volumes and applications. This unit is ideal for the user generating 3000 to 5000 drums per year or who needs to compact denser materials such as cartridge filters, glass bottles or heavy mil plastic waste.

Model 55AR

At 85,000 pounds, the 55AR is the most powerful and toughest machine we offer. With the only lateral cylinder support design available, the 55AR is designed for the higher volume user generating over 5000 drums per year or whose application demands maximum volume reduction.

Model 85AR

Also at 85,000 pounds of force, the 85AR is a larger twin of the 55AR with a chamber body wide enough to accommodate overpack drums.

Still not sure?

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