RAM FLAT Customer Support

What is your Serial Number?

When contacting S&G about your machine, please provide the machine’s Serial Number.  This is a 5 or 6-digit number on an aluminum nameplate located in the general area of the main control box.  This nameplate will include the Serial Number, the Model Number and the service voltage. The manuals will also reference the serial number. Don’t have it? Send an email or, better yet, give us a call along with your contact information and we should be able to figure it out.

Free Technical Support

Free phone support is available to all RAM FLAT customers by calling 1-888-RAM FLAT.  Questions can also be answered by sending an e-mail to service@ramflat.com.

How can we help you?

Spare Parts

Most replacement parts are in stock and can be ordered on-line. If you are not sure what you are looking for – please call 1-888-RAM FLAT or send an e-mail request to service@ramflat.com describing your problem.


Single copies of Electric, Hydraulic or Pneumatic schematics are available free of charge by calling 1-888-RAM FLAT. Some schematics are available by sending an e-mail to service@ramflat.comRemember: You must provide the machine serial number to obtain documents.

Preventative Maintenance Guide

RAM FLAT Compactors are pretty tough and easy to forget about as they silently do their work.
Click here for a basic Preventative Maintenance Guide

Technical Manuals

Replacement Technical Manuals can be ordered on-line, by calling 1-888-RAM FLAT or by sending an e-mail request to service@ramflat.com. Each manual is customized to the exact “as-built” specifications. Generally, the manual is provided in a 3-ring binder. An electronic version (Adobe Acrobat PDF) may be available for newer machines. Information included in the manuals: Installation Section: Details on locating, positioning and hooking up the compactor and any accessories. Layout dimensional drawings and an electric schematic are also included. Operation Section: Step-by-step operating procedures including tips for waste compaction or drum crushing. Maintenance Section: Preventative maintenance guide; basic troubleshooting guide; complete set of schematics with a corresponding bill of material list; list of common spare parts; instructions for rebuilding the hydraulic cylinder; and technical data sheets for major components such as the pump, motor and main hydraulic valves.


Each hydraulic RAM FLAT Compactor or drum crusher was shipped with a supply of hydraulic fluid and a corresponding MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).  Several brands of oil have been used over the years. Older machines may not have the original oil in the reservoir – so if you don’t have any notes, we won’t necessarily know what you have either. We do recommend you replace your oil using one of types listed below that correspond to your particular RAM FLAT model. You might try going through a local lubricant supplier to buy or cross match with the original oil. You can also buy the oil from us by going to the Order Online page.

All RAM FLAT Models Except 55SC:

July 2010-current
76 Hydraulic/Tractor Fluid
July 2005-June 2010
Chevron 1000 THF
1990-2005 (partial)
Mobilfluid 424
Prior to 1990
The hydraulic fluid supplied with earlier equipment equipment varied – so please call 1-888-RAM FLAT for more information

RAM FLAT Model 55SC (all versions)

March 2010 – Current
Conoco Megaflow AW
January 2009 – March 2010 
Chevron Rando HD
September 2005-December 2008
Chevron Rykon® Oil AW
Prior to September 2005
Mooreflo 68

Pack-Master Customer Support

Call 1-888-RAM FLAT for older operating manuals or available replacement parts.

Operating Manual – Model 1258 Pack-Master  Manual
Operating Manual – Model 1259 Pack-Master Air
Operating Manual – Model 1453 Pack-Master Air (Spark Resistant)
Operating Manual – Model 3183 Pack-Master Commercial

Operating Tips for the Pack-Master Compactors

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