Welcome to S&G Enterprises, Inc.

Welcome to S&G Enterprises, Inc. Since 1961 we have helped our customers save thousands of dollars using our unique line of equipment to reduce their volume of hazardous and low-level radioactive waste streams. Contact Us Now! 1-888-RAM-FLAT

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Crush Empty Drums

RAM FLAT drum crusher models are available for someone generating a few drums a day to the site that needs to crush hundreds of drums per day.

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Compact Waste Material in Drums

RAM FLAT waste compactors feature tall clearances above the drum allowing the operator to overfill the drums with waste material on every stroke.

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Retrieve Liquids from Vials

The Vyleater Vial Disposal System retrieves the liquid contents from many types of vials and small bottles used in laboratories and from pharmaceutical production lines.

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Dispose of Aerosol Cans

The Aerosolv Recycling System safely depressurizes aerosol cans allowing for EPA approved recycling of the can.

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Destroy Laboratory Slides

The Slydeater effectively pulverizes microscope slides into unrecognizable dust. ID labels are also destroyed keeping your lab HIPAA compliant.

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Move, Lift or Pour Drums

Morse Drum Handling equipment features the most comprehensive product line of products to transport drums from one place to another.

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Buy Parts for my S&G product

Go to our Order Online system to buy most parts and supplies for your equipment.

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Do you work for the Federal Government?

The entire RAM FLAT Compactor product line is available under GSA contract #GS-07F-9890H.

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