SlydEater Access With Safety Features
  • Loading Chute shape as well as fixed & spring-loaded baffles prevents glass shards from ejecting back at the operator.
  • Loading Chute baffles block fingers or tools from contacting the crushing mechanism.
  • Collection Box includes integral Lid with locking tab and hand holds
  • Collection Box sized to carry about 23 pounds to minimize lifting injuries
  • Collection Box Full indicator illuminates when filled
  • Easy Pull out Drawer reduces reach and lift injuries
  • Slide Agitator – External mechanical device breaks up log jams of slides inside the loading chute. Operator does not need any tools or have to physically open the machine.

OSHA Compliant:

  • Dust Control meets or exceeds OSHA PEL & ACGIH TLV for occupational exposure to particulates.
  • Sound levels are 80 dBA – well below allowable limits.
  • Physical barriers in loading chute keep hands and implements out of the crushing mechanism.
  • Push-Pull E-Stop pushbutton allows for quick shutdown.
  • Interlock switch shuts down all motors when crushing mechanism is accessed
  • Access to crushing mechanism only possible with tools
  • Interlocked Cabinet door shuts down crushing mechanism – while permitting the Dust Control System to run during Box change-out.

Interlocks (electrical)

  • Filter Missing prevents all motors from starting
  • Box Missing prevents crushing motor from starting
  • Crushing mechanism shuts down when
  • Cabinet Door is opened
  • Countertop is removed during maintenance

Dust Control (2-stage)

  • Permits safe exhaust back into working environment
  • 1st Stage: inexpensive Pre-Filter removes course particulate to extend life of 2nd stage element
  • 2nd Stage: MERV 12 High Efficiency pleated filter element


  • Power On (Green illuminated)
  • (Collection) Box Full (Amber – blinking)
  • (Collection) Box Missing (Red illuminated)
  • Filter Missing (Red illuminated)
  • Gage identifies condition of dust control filters.


  • Overload protection with reset shuts down motors if a jam occurs.
  • Jam Breaking Switch – powered method to clear slides that have jammed in cutters.
  • Grounded 3-Prong plug with 6-foot removable cord
  • 115VAC, 15 amps


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