SlydEater Specifications

Slide Destruction Mechanism

Slydeater Specifications

  • 2-Stage Design shreds labels and pulverizes glass shards
  • Case-hardened destruction components for long life
  • Modular design permits quick change-out of the worn slide destruction mechanism
  • Analog hour counter keeps track of machine usage (located at back)
  • Quiet operation – does not require ear protection. (Sound studies available.)


  • Approximately 10,000 standard size microscope slides per hour
  • Manually loaded – several hundred slides at a time

Collection BoxSlydeater Specifications

  • Capacity: 2100 slides when crushed
  • Weight when full of crushed glass: 23 pounds
  • Volume: about .45 feet3 (.013 m3)
  • Integrated Lid with Locking Tab
  • Side hand holds for easy lifting
  • No-tape design
  • Corrugated, single ply, 200 lb. test.
  • SlydEater includes Basket to store up to 20 knocked down boxes. Basket is removable.

Operating Features

Easy Loading

  • Large Chute opening for continual feeding of slides
  • Chute includes a closeable lid
  • Viewing window allows operator to observe crushing mechanism

Easy to Use ControlsSlydeater Specifications

  • Crusher Start (Green – momentary pushbutton)
  • Crusher Stop (Red – momentary pushbutton)
  • E-Stop: (Red) Shuts down Crusher & Dust Fan motors
  • Main Shut Off Power Switch shuts off all power to the machine. (located on back)
  • Jam Breaking Jog Switch (Black – located on back)
  • Hour Counter (located on back)

Large Indicators keep the Operator informed on the machine’s status

  • Power On (Green)
  • Box Full (Amber – blinking)
  • Box Missing (Red – sustained) – also prevents crusher from running
  • Filter Missing (Red – sustained) – also prevents crusher from running

Jam Breaking Jog SwitchSlydeater Specifications

  • If crusher becomes jammed (may occur if started with slides already loaded), pushing this quickly reverses the crusher direction to clear the jam.

Manual Agitation

  • To easily break up slides that may have bridged over the crushing mechanism, the Operator simply pushes an external knob to actuate a set of spring loaded flippers.

Integral Dust Control

  • Air Filtration System protects the operator from dust – both during destruction & Box change-out.
  • 2-Stage Filtration with easy change-out design and a super quiet blower fan
    • 1st Stage: Pre-Filter removes coarse material to extend the life of 2nd Stage Filter.
    • 2nd Stage: High-efficiency filter (MERV 12) removes fine dust (up to 90% at 1 micron particulate). (Air Quality study available upon request.)
  • Static Air Pressure Gage informs operator when to change out Filter elements.

ManeuverabilitySlydeater Specifications

  • Compact design easily fits through doors & tight spaces
  • Large-diameter, locking Casters easily go over door & elevator thresholds.
  • Sturdy, brushed Aluminum handles for easy steering.
  • Attractive cabinet design fits into any lab setting.

Crushing Mechanism

  • Case-hardened Crushing components for long life
  • Modular design permits quick change-out of the worn crushing mechanism
  • Analog hour counter keeps track of machine usage (located at back)

Dimensions (LxWxH)

  • Inches: 38 x 26 x 37 high to top of counter; 50 high to top of chute
  • Centimeters: 97 x 66 x 94 to top of counter; 126 high to top of chute
  • Net Weight: 340 pounds (net); 154 kg

Electrical SpecificationsSlydeater Specifications

  • Power Requirements: Standard 3-prong ground socket (115V, 15 amps)
  • Long 6-foot, grounded 12-ga power cord
  • Removable Power Plug prevents unauthorized operation
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