RAM FLAT® Compactors allow their users to significantly reduce their costs to dispose of hazardous and radioactive waste. This is done by reducing the volume of the waste by compacting the material right into the drum.

Only interested in crushing empty drums? No problem.

Some of the RAM FLAT Compactor models are designed specifically to crush empty drums into metal pancakes.

But the real bonus is the ability to configure one RAM FLAT Compactor to both crush empties and to compact waste into drums.

For over 50 years we have designed RAM FLAT Compactors around these parameters:

  • RAM FLAT Means Quality Design
  • RAM FLAT Means Safe Operation
  • RAM FLAT Means Flexible Design

RAM FLAT Means Quality Design

  • Top-Quality, USA-made electrical, hydraulic & pneumatic components
  • Easy to use controls: Down, Up & Emergency Stop pushbutton control
  • Adjustable compaction Pressure on most models
  • Unitized, welded-body construction for long life.
  • Liquid tight electrical conduit
  • All steel hydraulic tubing – no flexible hoses.
  • Large oil reservoir for efficient cooling of the hydraulic circuit and seal protection

RAM FLAT Means Safe Operation

All RAM FLAT COMPACTOR models are designed to keep the operator safe whether the unit is being used for empty drum crushing or inside-the-drum compaction.

ENCLOSED Compaction Chamber
A primary safety feature is that the compaction chamber of the unit completely encloses the drum during the crushing or compaction cycle.   This not only keeps the operators hands away from the moving compaction head, but also protects the operator in case any dry waste material, dust or liquid may be inadvertently expelled from the drum during the compaction cycle.

INTERLOCKED Compaction Chamber Door
All RAM FLAT models are designed with a safety door interlock.   In short, it requires that the door be closed and latched before the unit can be operated.   If the chamber door is opened in the middle of a cycle, all compaction head travel stops immediately.   In addition, the operator must reinitiate the piston’s direction once the door is closed again.   In other words, the unit will not begin crushing again until the operator either pushes the START or UP pushbutton.

This circuit design also helps prevent accidental startup if the unit is being maintained.   For example, if a maintenance person has shut off electrical power to the machine and is inside the chamber with the door open, the cycle will not begin again if someone unexpectedly turns the power on again.

Few MOVING Parts
Aside from the compaction cylinder, the only externally accessible moving part is the motor/pump coupling connection.   This is hid inside the motor adapter on top of the compactor and well out of reach of the operator.   All other hydraulic components are located inside the hydraulic reservoir.

SAFE Control Systems
Our standard control design is powered using 115v electrical.   This safer 115v is created regardless of the full load voltage (230V or 460V) that the unit is wired to operate with.

The majority of the control circuit is housed inside the NEMA 1 enclosure.   (Other enclosures types are available by request.) With this type of control circuit, a magnetic proximity switch requires making metal to metal contact with the chamber door to close the electrical circuit and allow the unit to run.

Yes, we do explosion-proof. Whether your application or installation site requires it we build both hydraulic and pneumatic control logic – depending upon which model is chosen.   There are no electrical components on the unit with the exception of the hydraulic pump motor itself.   A mechanical lever arm is used to make physical contact with the chamber door to allow the control circuit to operate.

RAM FLAT Means Flexible Design

RAM FLAT Compactors are versatile machines that can be configured to do what you want it to do.

With field proven experience in compacting materials like paint filters, radioactive lab waste and even simple product destruction, the RAM FLAT Compactor has the ability to be customized to meet your application.

RAM FLAT Drum Crushers

old drums
May 03 2010 Drum 008 e1416517577998

Do you have a stack of empty drums in the backyard?

I know, I know you’ve been meaning to get rid of the drums but the scrap dealer won’t give you anything for them. Something about not knowing what’s inside. Plus, the pick-up charge is exorbitant for just a couple dozen drums.

Did you know if you crush the drum – the EPA considers the drum “empty” and now can be sold as scrap metal?

That’s where the RAM FLAT can help. We’ve been building our drum crushers for over 45 years and they are built to last. Whether you have just a few drums a week or a couple hundred a day, we have a drum crusher model to suit your needs.

RAM FLAT Drum Compactors

“How can I save money when disposing of my hazardous waste?”

That is the question RAM FLAT customers have asked for over 50 years.

The answer is simple – RAM FLAT Drum Compactors reduce the volume of waste material and therefore reduce disposal costs.

We have several machines of varying compaction forces that can be used for the job.

How do you decide which machine will work best? We suggest you call and discuss your application with us.

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