RAM FLAT® Compactors are Double-Duty.  RAM FLAT Compactors allow their users to significantly reduce their costs to dispose of hazardous and radioactive waste.  This is done by reducing the volume of the waste by compacting the material right into the drum.

Only interested in crushing empty drums? No problem.

Some of the RAM FLAT Compactor models are designed specifically to crush empty drums into metal pancakes.

But the real bonus is the ability to configure RAM FLAT Compactors to both crush empties and to compact waste inside of drums.

RAM FLAT® Video in Action

This 9 minute presentation gives a quick overview of each of the RAM FLAT Compactor models and their use. Demonstrations of several different wastestreams are shown. An overview of the standard accessories, including drum handling and air filtration is included. This professionally produced video conveys the quality, workmanship and pride that goes into building these machines.

For over fifty years we have designed RAM FLAT Compactors around these parameters:

  • RAM FLAT Means Quality Design
  • RAM FLAT Means Safe Operation
  • RAM FLAT Means Flexible Design

Get the full skinny on our complete line of RAM FLAT waste disposal equipment at https://www.ramflat.com/ram-flat/overview/

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