The SlydEater Microscope Slide Disposal System

  • Quickly and safely destroy slides
  • Obliterate all identification on slides
  • Create instant HIPAA compliance
  • Save Time & Money

An all-in-one solution to eliminate the cost and hassle of microscope slide disposal!

The SlydEater is the first machine to exclusively pulverize glass slides and obliterate any identification affixed to those slides. The unrecognizable mound of glass dust can be tossed into regular trash, not in medical or red bag waste or expensive sharps containers.

Destroy Cyto, Histo & Other Glass Slides

The SlydEater is a true “slide eater” – it completely and effectively destroys slides from cytology and histology with plastic or paper labels.

Check out the SlydEater’s Fabulous Features:

Save Money

No more manually breaking or defacing slides. No more dumping intact slides into expensive sharps containers. And no more throwing slides into medical waste – even though there isn’t any biological hazard.

These time-consuming disposal methods are burdensome and expensive.

The SlydEater pulverizes slides into an unrecognizable dust that can be thrown into the solid waste stream virtually eliminating the disposal costs of the slides.

Reduce Liability

Once slides are processed through the SlydEater, the label affixed to the slide is obliterated along with the slide – removing the ability to trace that slide back to the patient, doctor or lab.​


With the specimen destroyed the physical slide is no longer available for litigation.

HIPAA Compliant

Patient privacy is not just the right thing to do – it’s now a requirement under HIPAA. With the slide and label destroyed, you are assured that your patient’s personal information is completely unrecognizable, providing instant HIPAA compliance.

A lab is assured the microscope slide disposal is complete – properly destroyed and identification destroyed before leaving the site.

Safe Operation

The operator has no direct contact with the slides after crushing as they are deposited directly into a Collection Box. The Collection Box is built with an integral locking lid to keep it closed after filling and convenient hand holds make it easy to toss the box into the trash.

Each Collection Box holds about 23 pounds (2100 slides) so removing the crushed glass will not create ergonomic concerns.

The SlydEater includes an integral filtration system that keeps fine dust from escaping outside of the machine cabinet and while changing out the Collection Box. The high efficiency 2-stage filter system exceeds OSHA & ACGIH exposure levels. (Air quality study is available upon request.)

The SlydEater does not require ear protection. (Noise study is available upon request.)

Interlocks and barriers keep the operator safe from the working components and even shuts down the machine when the cabinet is opened.

Convenience & Portability

The SlydEater microscope slide disposal system is convenient for use anywhere a 110v outlet is available. No special power or ventilation is required.

Four, large diameter swivel casters roll easily over any surface – including door thresholds. Use the SlydEater where it’s needed!

Save Space

No more waiting for the heavy, sharps containers half-full of slides to be hauled away.

Weight restrictions prevent sharps containers from being filled all the way – and are still very heavy to move around. More often than not they end up under foot.

Use the SlydEater on a regular basis and the slides are disposed of immediately.

The SlydEater will crush as many as 10,000 slides an hour, so the lab can crush daily or weekly and still get through inventory quickly. Most labs locate the SlydEater near their storage cabinets and pull the slides directly from their drawers. Once the Collection Box is filled with crushed slides, simply toss it out.

The SlydEater‘s compact size allows it to easily fit into tight spaces. It measures only 38 inches wide by 26 inches deep and can be tucked out of the way between uses.

Slydeater Video in Action

This 5 minutes presentation demonstrates the features and operation of the SlydEater Slide Destruction System. Details include the loading of the slides, collection of the crushed glass and the high efficiency air filtration system.

Besides the Slydeater, we offer the Vyleater vial destruction system.

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