Newstripe’s AeroVent® STANDARD Aerosol Can Disposal System allows you to quickly puncture and drain aerosol cans to reduce the cost of hazardous waste. The AeroVent Standard aerosol can puncture device shares many of the safe operating features of the AeroVent 1X but in a more economical version. Plus, it is an AeroVent so it is 50 state compliant and the safest, most efficient product available.

The AeroVent 10004840 STANDARD Aerosol Can Disposal System converts your hazardous waste aerosol cans into non-hazardous scrap metal with just one stroke.

Safe – The completely enclosed chamber protects the operator when puncturing and draining.

Easy to Use – A built-in check valve on the filter closes the drum after processing.

Versatile – Process a variety of aerosol can sizes for 2”-3” diameter and up to 10.5” in length.

Extended Filter Life – Built-in coalescing element removes liquids to extend filter life

This aerosol can puncture device is EPA, RCRA, OSHA and California compliant

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