Bulk Pak-More® Hold Down Disks Quantities Now Available for Online Ordering, including Shipping by LTL Carrier

We’ve added LTL Freight (Less-Than-truckLoad) Carrier Old Dominion to our online shipping quotations for affordable purchasing of bulk Pak-More® Hold Down Disks.  See our page at https://www.ramflat.com/ram-flat/pak-more-hold-down-disks/ to get an idea of the savings available to you.

To order, Go to “SHOP” in the main top menu.  Click on the “Shop Pak-More Hold Down Disk” text in the drop-down menu.  That will take you to:

Make your selection by quantity…up to 100 disks at a time, and with or without ‘no-slip’ tabs.

Bulk Pak-More® Hold Down Disks Significantly Reduce Waste Disposal Cost — Often 30 to 40% – Up to 70%

Bulk Pak-More® Hold Down Disks Quantities Now Available Online - used with our 55AR shown here
*Optional drum roll out dolly shown in photo above.

Material spring-back obviously reoccupies valuable drum space and adds substantially to disposal costs for paper, plastics, cardboard, and hazardous waste – particularly materials exhibiting spring-back or “memory” characteristics.

Thus the remarkable Pak-More Hold Down Disk was created.

The disk had to be tough, durable, and capable of taking great compacting pressures to reach those lowest compaction levels… and holding that position.

Visualize the compactor ram retracting… leaving the disk in place at its lowest position.   The disk, by virtue of five locking tabs, securely wedges itself against the drum wall.

Using one or two Pak-More Disks per drum, each disk compressing a volume of material to its lowest compaction level, you will significantly store up to 70% more waste!

Consider too, no special tools or skills are required to assemble the Pak-More Disk.

Nothing complex.

The disks work well with any 55 gallon drum compactor such as our 55AR RAM FLAT® Compactor shown here.



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