Compaction Spring Back Eliminated with Pak-More®

To overcome the problem of “compaction spring back” – material spring back while using drum compactors – S & G Enterprises, Inc. offers the unique PAK-MORE® Hold-down Disk.  The PAK-MORE actually “locks” itself anywhere along the internal wall of the drum, stopping at the lowest point of compaction. 

PAK-MORE customers have reported tremendous increases in volume from 25% to 70%.  With the cost of hazardous and lo-rad waste disposal skyrocketing and potential landfill sites shrinking, the savings potential offered with the PAK-MORE Hold-down Disk is substantial. 

The PAK-MORE is placed on top of the material to be compacted and the drum compactor does the rest.  The disk locks the material down at the lowest point of compaction.  One to two PAK-MORE disks per drum are used.

Before the PAK-MORE Hold-down Disk, there was nothing available for the compactor operator that was convenient and safe to use…and was still cost effective.  Past hold down devices obligated the operator to locate and catch the ring of the drum.  Still other designs had elaborate assembled frames that were installed inside the drum.  Universal complaints for these devices were that they were clumsy, a challenge to seat in the drum properly, and were prone to abruptly releasing and even popping out at the operator.  

With its patented design, the more powerful the material spring back, the tighter the PAK-MORE Hold-down Disk secures its grip. No more guessing by the compactor operator; disk slippage is minimal and popping out of the drum is unheard-of.

Material spring back is a major problem when using drum compactors for the volume reduction of hazardous or lo-rad waste. Waste streams which include paper, plastic, disposal clothing and rags all have an inherent memory which resists compaction. Material may actually “extrude” out the top of the disposal drum after compaction.

To quickly calculate potential net savings, S & G Enterprises provides an easy to use chart.  The chart factors in drum disposal cost, the percentage of material spring back and cost of using 2 PAK-MORE per drum.  The waste generator can therefore estimate the cost effectiveness of the PAK-MORE for their individual operation. 

S & G Enterprises, Inc. is headquartered in Germantown, Wisconsin.  It has produced the RAM FLAT , a complete line of drum compaction equipment, as well as other waste volume reduction equipment since 1971.  For more information about overcoming the problem of “compaction spring back” with the PAK-MORE Hold-down Disk, contact S&G Enterprises Inc. at 1-888-RAM-FLAT or 1-888-726-3528  -or-  262-251-8300 and .

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