Hold down the escalating costs of hazardous waste disposal with the PAK-MORE.  This simple to use, anti-spring back device from S & G Enterprises, Inc., puts the lid on the cost of landfill and will cut hazardous waste disposal costs in drums.

PAK-MORE is most often used with drum compactors, such as the RAM FLAT Compactor.  Usually, one or two PAK-MORE Hold-down Disks per drum are used to maximize the drum’s capacity. PAK-MORE can be used with virtually any manufacturer’s drum compactor.

Here’s how the PAK-MORE Hold-down Disk works. PAK-MORE is placed on top of the material to be compacted, and the compaction cycle is started. At the point of greatest compaction, the pressure angles on the PAK-MORE lock in place, preventing material springback. This dramatically increases the volume of waste that can be stored in any 55-gallon drum.

Pak-More Hold-Down Disks prevent waste springback.
Pak-More Hold-Down Disks improve compaction efficiency by preventing compacted debris from springing back.

For materials with high springback characteristics, such as textiles, paper, plastics, rags, cardboard and low rad refuse, up to 70 percent more waste can be placed in every 55-gallon drum. The end result is hauling costs are less, less labor is necessary because there are fewer drums, and fewer drums need to be purchased. For radioactive wastes requiring decay storage, a smaller holding facility is feasible.

Cut Hazardous Waste Disposal Costs

In a typical case, disposal costs of $600 per drum were cut more than 50 per cent, to only $238 per drum, with PAK-MORE in use. Even when disposal costs were only $300 per drum, PAK-MORE showed immediate cost reductions.  For waste classified as low rad hazardous waste, with more expensive disposal charges, PAK-MORE produced even higher level savings.  

A free chart indicates the volume reductions and savings possible with the PAK-MORE. The information also describes how to measure solid wastes to determine the estimated percentage the PAK-MORE Hold-down Disk will increase the volume in the drum. All figures include the cost of the PAK-MORE.

S & G Enterprises, Inc. is headquartered in Wisconsin and has produced a complete line of drum compaction equipment and other waste minimization equipment since 1971.

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