PAK-MORE® Hold-down Disks work with oily drums by using the optional NO-SLIP locking tabs.

For years, owners of drum compactors have used the PAK-MORE Hold-down Disk to prevent the unwanted springback of their compacted waste material.  The PAK-MORE stays in the drum by automatically wedging 5 locking tabs against the interior drum wall.  Waste disposal costs savings have been reported between 25 and 70%.

Once the PAK-MORE is placed on top of the material to be compacted, the drum platen pushes the Disk into the drum along with the waste.  When the platen returns, the Disk remains at the lowest point of compaction, locking itself along the interior of the drum.  One to two PAK-MORE Hold-Down Disks per drum are used for most applications.

Material spring back occurs when compacting hazardous or lo-rad waste.  For example, waste streams that include paper, plastic, disposable clothing and rags all have an inherent memory, which resists compaction.

Disks work with Oily Drums

Waste streams such as oil-laden cloth rags, leave a slick film on the interior drum wall.  This oily film may prevent the locking tabs from properly gripping the drum and cause the Disks to slip.

Pak-More NO-SLIP Tab
Course surface on the PAK-MORE No-SLIP Tabs Work well with Oily Drums

The NO-SLIP Locking Tab was developed for use with slippery applications.  A coarse anti-skid surface has been factory applied to each locking Tab.  This NO-SLIP Tab cuts through the oily film and firmly grips the drum wall. 

S & G Enterprises, Inc. is headquartered in Germantown, Wisconsin.  S&G has produced the RAM FLAT, a complete line of drum compaction equipment, as well as other waste volume reduction equipment since 1971. 

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