Providing free application engineering services using a checklist is an excellent approach to guide potential customers through the complex decision-making process involved in selecting drum crushing and/or drum compacting equipment. The use of a checklist, backed by deep experience and expertise, offers several advantages:

Benefits of Using a Checklist

  1. Structured Evaluation: A checklist ensures that all critical factors are considered, from the type of material the drum is made of to the safety features required for different kinds of waste.
  2. Time Efficiency: A well-designed checklist speeds up the decision-making process, enabling a quicker transition from consultation to implementation.
  3. Risk Mitigation: It helps identify potential problems early on, thereby reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes or safety hazards.
  4. User-Friendly: A checklist provides an intuitive and straightforward way for clients to engage with technical information, making it easier for them to understand the choices available.

Areas a Checklist Might Cover

  1. Type of Waste Material: Depending on whether the waste is hazardous, flammable, or corrosive, different kinds of drum crushers or compactors may be needed.
  2. Volume Requirements: How many drums need to be crushed or compacted per hour/day?
  3. Space Constraints: The size of the equipment must be compatible with the available operational space.
  4. Budget: What are the upfront costs, and what are the expected long-term operational costs?
  5. Safety Features: Does the equipment need to have specific safety features like explosion-proofing, automated shut-offs, or ventilation systems?
  6. Compliance: Are there industry-specific or government regulations that the equipment needs to meet?

Why Free Application Engineering is a Win-Win

For S & G Enterprises, offering free application engineering demonstrates a commitment to customer success and safety. It’s an investment in building long-term relationships and a way to showcase the company’s deep experience and expertise. For customers, the service de-risks the purchasing process and ensures they receive equipment that is both cost-effective and suitable for their specific needs.


In conclusion, S & G Enterprises’ approach of using a checklist to offer free application engineering services is a strategic way to build customer confidence and loyalty. It ensures that clients get equipment tailored to their unique operational needs, promotes safety, and allows for efficient use of resources. The methodology aligns well with the ethos of good business, where both parties deal confidently and transparently to achieve mutual benefits.

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