Air Filtration and Ventilation

Air Filtration and Ventilation

For protection of the operator’s environment, RAM FLAT offers several standard and customized Air Filtration Systems for research and industrial applications alike. Individually designed to be used with any RAM FLAT Compactor model, the CRN and HANC Air Filter Systems will remove harmful particulate, dangerous vapors – or both.


  • A minimum of 100 FPM (feet-per-minute) air velocity when the crushing chamber door is open, the same as a fume hood!
  • Interlocked blower control with the RAM FLAT Compactor Controls
  • A course pre-filter is included to extend the useful life of the HEPA filter or Charcoal Adsorber trays
  • Choose where you want the Air Filter housing to be installed in relation to the RAM FLAT Compactor
  • A large air inlet and plenum design assures an even dispersion of air against the filter element
  • A vibration isolation connection is included to connect the RAM FLAT to the filter housing
  • A manometer is included to constantly monitor the static pressure across the filters
  • Explosion-proof blower motors are available
  • Special Housings available including Bag-In/Bag-Out; Stainless Steel construction; Non-standard orientation to fit into existing space; Double-Charcoal housings. If it can be done – we can provide it.


Air Filtration and Ventilation

Featuring a full 4 square feet of Industrial grade HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absolute) filter elements, the CRN removes airborne particulate down to 0.3 micron in size at 99.97% efficiency.

Engineered with eight removable trays of activated charcoal, the CRN-C effectively adsorbs odors and vapors. Options include elements for the collection of mercury or radioactive isotopes.






Air Filtration and VentilationCRN-HC:
For applications calling for both particulate and vapor control, the CRN-HC situates the HEPA filter elements and eight trays of charcoal, in series for maximum protection.

Designed to adhere to the ANSI-N510 standards, this nuclear grade filter system will handle the most demanding applications.   Features include Bag-in/Bag-out, laminar flow, DOP testing ports and filter monitoring lights.






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