We provide free application engineering services for drum crushing and drum compacting prospects and customers.  The concept of empty drum crushing and inside-the-drum compacting is significant in various industries, including manufacturing, waste management, and recycling. These processes are designed to reduce the volume of drums, usually metal or plastic containers, which can hold different types of materials such as chemicals, oils, or other hazardous substances. By reducing the size of empty or nearly empty drums, companies can save space and disposal costs, enhance workplace safety, and contribute to environmental sustainability. The process also facilitates easier transport and recycling.

Application Engineering in Drum Crushing and Inside-the-Drum Compacting

Picture of Free Application Engineering to illustrate the blog post titled Free Application Engineering for Your Drum Crushing and Drum Compacting NeedsApplication engineering is crucial to ascertain the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective methods of drum crushing and drum compacting. We are engineers who look at various factors such as material types, drum size, existing facility conditions, and required throughput.  Some common types of crushers and compactors include hydraulic drum crushers, pneumatic drum crushers, and even manual/mechanical compactors. Each type has its pros and cons, which need to be weighed carefully before implementation.  We provide free application engineering not to sell you more…our free application engineering is geared to helping you buy exactly what best suits your needs.  We may even proceed to design engineering to optimize the machinery for specific industrial waste management needs.

Our Free Application Engineering Services

Offering free application engineering services in our specialty waste disposal equipment field, specifically drum crushing and drum compacting, is a win-win for both us and for ou.

For Us: Providing free application engineering is a competitive advantage.

We get the opportunity to understand your specific requirements and can, therefore, offer tailored solutions that help lead to a more confident purchase on your part.  Helping you specify and buy properly can and does lead to many long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. It also allows for cross-selling or up-selling other products or services that complement drum crushers and drum compactors to specifically meet your needs. For example, drum handling equipment often becomes part of the order…which, in turn, leads to better-satisfied customers.

For You: You benefit from customized solutions that perfectly meet your needs, without having to pay for the consultancy or for costly purchasing trial-and-error methods to find the best equipment. Occasionally, if there is any doubt, we provide complimentary, or very low-cost in-factory tests to ensure our equipment will meet your needs.  This approach not only saves money, it also helps ensure operational efficiency and worker safety.

As the president of S & G Enterprises – and an industrial process engineer myself – I believe in offering free application engineering services for your drum crushing and drum compacting equipment needs.  We believe the best way to sell is to make it easy for you to buy from us.   We give you the time and attention before the purchase to help you choose the right equipment for your needs – the first time and every time!

Please contact us with questions.  Best to callemail or visit our site for the best response.  We do invite you to engage with us on social media (just not for immediate needs).

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