The Original Model 5000

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The Original Model 5000The Aerosolv Model 5000 was introduced over 10 years ago and literally has thousands of installations.   It includes a heavy-duty cast aluminum Puncturing Device with a removable sleeve to accept small & large cans.

In addition, it includes the standard #6163 Combination Coalescing & Activated Carbon Filter, an anti-static wire, and Safety Goggles.   (The Carbon Filter with the Model 5000 does not have the color-changing feature.)

The Model 7000C

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The Model 7000The next step in the evolution of the Aerosolv is the Model 7000C.   This innovative design builds on many of the popular features of the original while incorporating a number of significant feature changes.

The Model 7000 was the first aerosol-recovery device to carry the US-EPA Environmental Technology Verification label.

These changes include:

  • A Teflon-coated puncture chamber for easy cleanup.
  • A Sealing Knob built into the Clamping Cap that allows the operator to properly seat the can against the internal gasket inside the puncture chamber.
  • Colormetric carbon cartridge changes color to indicate when it should be changed.A built-in check valve in the puncture device prevents vapors from escaping when the device is empty.
  • The Colormetric feature on the carbon filter includes color-changing granules and an indicator to alert the operator when it is time to change the filter.
  • A bottle of VOC-free cleaner/degreaser is included to help keep the device and recycling area clean of paint or other liquids from the waste cans.

The Aerosolv Model 7000C includes the Advanced Puncturing Device (Teflon-coated), #7163 Combination Colormetric Carbon Filter, Anti-Static Wire, and Safety Goggles.

The Model 7000XLC

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For California users, the Aerosolv Model 7000XLC adds a few features to make it compliant with California SB158 which defines the proper disposal of aerosol cans.

The Aerosolv Model 7000XLC includes everything the 7000 does plus a special Drum Cover and Spill Containment Pan for the Drum. Exclusive to the 7000XLC, the Colormetric carbon cartridge incorporates a check valve that automatically shuts off the filter to prevent passive off-gassing when the system is not being used.

The puncturing device supplied with the 7000XLC is the only aerosol recycling system to ever receive certification from the State of California as part of the CAL-EPA Hazardous Waste Treatment Technology program.calepa

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