55SC-EX & 55SC-P Common Spare Parts List Valid for Serial Number after 55508

Primary Recommendations / Most frequently purchased parts

Part #


Price *

55SC Door Latch

100182-2 Handle Replacement for 55SC 

$ 131.94

Bracket Replacement for Directional Control Valve Handle (die cast)
Suction Oil Filter

100206-O/B 55SC Cylinder O-Rings & Bands Kit 

5/8” Seal-Lok Cap (to seal off bottom cylinder fitting)
Operation, Maintenance & Installation Manual (3-ring binder)
Operation, Maintenance & Installation E-Manual (download file)
Operation, Maintenance & Installation Manual (3-ring binder & CD-ROM)
Secondary Recommendations for 55SC-EX & 55SC-P Common Spare Parts

Part #


Price *

Door Limit Switch
For S/N 55928+:
For S/N 55508-55927 (retrofit required)


Counter Balance Valve - Cartridge only

$ 327.24


*All Pricing in U.S. Dollars

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